Fish to Earn

The most popular and classic fishing game has now arrived in the metaverse!

Pick up fishing cannons and shoot to earn Fishing Master Coins!

Remember to fill up your cannons with Bullets!

20 Cannon NFTs

Want to get advantages when competing with other fishing men? You need more powerful weapons!

Get advanced cannons from the blind box! Wish you the best luck so you can keep beating rivals from all over the world!

Upgrading Gears

Do you know your Bullets are never wasted? They automatically turn into Shells for upgrading cannons!

Shoot more Bullets and get more Shells so you can upgrade all your cannons to the refined quality!

NFT Marketplace

Want to buy a limited version of cannon from others? Or is one of your cannon not in use any longer? Buy and sell in the NFT market!

All NFTs are unique ! Your gears and the trading progress are secured by the blockchain forever!